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Smiling Children Ready for Bed

Direct from the manufacturer to your home, American-made Isoform viscoelastic foam products are developed with your health and the well-being of our environment in mind.

Our new foam formulation significantly decreases the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, and virtually eliminates chemical off-gassing from the foam products you and your family enjoy.

For the World You Breathe In

Bergad Specialty Foams and Composites Division manufactures an extensive line of viscoelastic foams, including stock and custom formulations.

Some of our foam products include:

  • High air-flow viscoelastic
  • Low air-flow viscoelastic
  • Densities from 2.5 - 9 lb
  • Firmnesses from 3lb ILD Super Soft - 300 ILD Lb Viscoelastic
  • Virtually zero emission
  • Photoluminescent

Foam Samples