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Do you sell to individuals?

Answer: No, the specialty foams division is wholesale
only. If you are looking for consumer products please visit our sister company

Do you only produce foam?

Answer: We also have the ability to fabricate and sew.

us for more information.

Will your company sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Answer: Yes, we ask the the agreements be a mutual NDA, as we
will also share sensitive information with you about our process and
formulations. We also have a standard NDA we can use if your company does not
have one.

Can you produce custom bun (block) sizes?

Answer: Yes, we can produce buns to fit your needs, this will
also help eliminate costly waste.

Can you change the physical properties of the foam?

Answer: Most properties such as; firmness, cellular structure,
airflow, recovery rates as well as others can be produced.