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There is no flexible foam application we would not consider. Tell us about your project.

Specialty formulations and custom fabricated pieces are only available directly though Bergad, while stock formulations are available are available direct, or through our many distributors.

Any foam company is going to tell you that they use the highest-quality ingredients in the production of their foams, when in reality they only use the cheapest that still gets their products to the market. When you see, feel, and use Bergad foam, there will be no mistake you are using the highest quality material.

Our Chemists are in constant development to ensure that we can bring you the highest quality and most durable, long-lasting foam with the broadest range of possible foam properties in the industry. Throughout our array of foam possibilities, not one of our foams contains any fillers of any kind whatsoever. Our expertise in every aspect of flexible foam technology – from raw materials to finished products – allows us to offer our customers the best and most affordable solutions in the world of foam; your search for foam ends here.