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R&D, Prototyping

We are proud to be one of the only foam manufacturers who will work with you to develop a foam or composite to meet your project’s most specific needs, respective to any combination of properties. In our laboratories we are always pushing the envelope of foam development, whether it be something as simple as producing a correctly-matched Pantone color or something more complex like formulating a foam with undetectable levels of outgassing.

Our customers turn to Bergad for our engineering expertise when the challenge is improving an existing product or uncovering a solution that helps them to launch a first-to-the-market innovation. Bergad’s research, development, and quality control laboratories provide a distinct advantage in problem solving, product improvement, and cost reduction. From assistance with product design to choosing or developing the perfect foam(s) for your application, Bergad’s unrivaled services are always provided with quality, safety, and economy in mind.

Bergad can produce “one-of” prototypes or samples, giving you the ability to go from prototype to final product production quickly, efficiently, and without added costs. The prototyping services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Small-Scale Laboratory Foam Production
  • In-House Aluminum, Silicone, and Epoxy Molds and Subsequent Laboratory Molding
  • Prototyping Dies and Laboratory Die Cutting
  • Complex 2-Dimensional CNC Programming and Cut Geometries
  • Final Product Prototyping with optional Fabric, PSA Lamination, or Coatings

Contact us to request a sample pack or to inquire about our R&D and Prototyping services.