Formulators & Manufacturers of Innovative Technical Foams

Technical Foam Solutions
That Set the Standard for Innovation and Functionality

For more than 30 years, Bergad has been combining technical knowledge, imagination, experience, passion, and equipment to help customers worldwide develop foams that meet the most demanding requirements for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Our technological advantages, production efficiency, and quality control make us a valuable supply chain partner for fabricators, distributors, and direct buyers.

Collage of the Bergad Specialty Foam warehouse

The Knowledge and Experience to Meet Your Needs

Our range of capabilities includes Prototyping, Manufacturing, Custom Formulation, Quality Assurance, Fabrication, Testing, and Research & Development. With a continuous pour line that uses the most modern technology, wide range of formulations and material options, we can develop the product that fits your needs.

The Versatility to Manufacture a Wide Range of Products

We produce Acoustic Grade, HD Visco, LD Visco, Sponge, HD HR, and Transportation Foams at our facility in Kittanning, PA, located 
35 miles (60km) northeast of Pittsburgh.

Bergad Specialty Foam products

Any Kind of Foam for All Kinds of Markets

At Bergad, we apply our passion for R&D to the development of specialty foams and engineered technical foams for customers in the High End Audio, Disposable Medical, Prosthetics, Durable Medical, Military & Defense, and Aviation markets.

Bergad High End Audio Foam

High End Audio

Bergad Disposable Medical Foam

Disposable Medical

Bergad Prosthetic Foam


Bergad Durable Medical Foam

Durable Medical

Bergad Military & Defense Foam

Military & Defense

Bergad Aviation Foam