Medical Grade Foam

We produce a variety of high quality sponge and medical grade sponge foams. These foams come in a variety of densities and colors, and we can custom engineer a foam solution to meet the needs of your unique project.

Polyurethane Gel

Our polyurethane gels are viscoelastic elastomers that provide excellent energy absorption. These gels can be customized to fit your unique application and serve as practical solutions to critical requirements such as comfort, functionality and pressure management.

A soft material with varying ranges of firmness, polyurethane gels are found in a wide range of applications. Bergad’s gel foam composites and gel slabs lend themselves to products such as:

  • Medical pads
  • Pressure management applications
  • Cooling phase change coatings

Polyurethane elastomer gels can be custom formulated and molded to provide the best results for your specific application. Bergad has experience formulating products for water resistance, specific compression characteristics, weight, and temperature stability.