Specialty Foams and Composites

Small and Large-Scale Production Capabilities

Continuous Pour Line

Our state-of-the-art continuous pour line is capable of producing: 

  • Over 1 million board feet of foam per day
  • Variable widths and cut lengths for yield optimization 
  • Quality and accuracy using our computer-controlled pour system
  • Rapid transitions between foam grades, minimizing waste for the customer

Wide Formulation Range

Our wide formulation range includes: 

  • Stock: a wide range of foams capable of fitting many common needs
  • Standard: pre-engineered solutions for more intricate applications
  • Custom: on-site engineered products for tailored solutions

Material Optimization

To help optimize your product, we are able to produce a wide range of physical properties. 

  • Density: 2-10 PCF
  • IFD (firmness): 5-200+ lbf
  • Air Flow: ND-3+ scfm
  • Color: Pantone color matching
  • Resilience: Slow recover to high resilience
  • Acoustical transparency ranges
  • Hybrid gel foams
  • Various PCM (phase-change materials)

Highlighted Capabilities

Other notable features:

  • Our on-site lab for material development
  • Network of fabricators throughout the world
  • An extensive array of CNC fabrication equipment

Need a Custom Size or Formulation?

We’re here to serve the unique needs of your project or business. Give us a call or send us a message to speak to one of our foam experts.

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